TikTok's viral 'Rizz Party' meme explained

TikTok's viral 'Rizz Party' meme explained
'TikTok Rizz Party' Legend 'Turkish Quandale Dingle' Explains It All - Know Your Meme / VideoElephant

TikTok is the go-to destination for home hacks, food inspiration, catchy dance challenges, hot takes – and memes that initially don't make sense to many. Take 'Rizz Party' for example, with half the platform jumping in on the bandwagon and others remaining blissfully unaware.

Let's break it down...

A group of friends celebrating a sweet 16th became an overnight sensation with millions of views under their belt. The clip of the youngsters dancing to Kanye 'Ye' West's 'Carnival' was shared by Island Entertainment, who were hired to film the event.

The footage was soon hailed the TikTok Rizz Party, with many commentators chiming in with backstories for each of the boys and nicknames – including Blue Tie Kid.

Some people even created analysis videos on the young partygoers, racking up thousands of comments and views.

"Why am I actually interested in the TikTok rizz party lore," one person wrote, while another jokingly suggested: "My theory is that blue tie wants control and power but judging from the way his pack follows him, they just want his approval. White shirt is more likeable by the pack as he shows a true leader."

There were a few troll comments in the original video, to which one person hit back: "Y'all hating but they probably had so much fun."


The boys showing how its done at Jillian’s sweet 16. #carnival #playboycarti #kayne #sweet16 #nycdj #statenisland #mitzvah #wedding #foryou #newjersey #nj #njdj #brooklyn #queens #longisland

The famed Blue Tie Kid has since responded to becoming viral online, however, his account has been banned twice with him claiming it's a result of him looking underage.

"Stop banning me,[ I’m] not 13," he said on a video posted to his "third account" (@seby_261).


#duet with @Teacher White #teacher #carnival#tiktokrizzparty tiktok stop banning me in not 13

Newfound fans soon flooded his clip, with one writing: "THE WAY HE’S JUST GOING ALONG WITH THIS!"

Another penned: "Bro has done the impossible."

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