LIKE IT OR NOT: Stay-at-home girlfriends

A woman who describes herself as a "stay at home girlfriend" has divided the internet by posting about her day.

A TikTok video charts the woman named Kendal's slow-paced life in which she takes care of her skincare routine, does some journaling, makes her bed and goes to her pilates studio. She doesn't appear to have a job but does a fair bit of housework.

Lowlights including picking up a "celery juice" and highlights include "replied to some texts" and "saw a butterfly".

But of course this is the internet and a woman cannot simply post about her day without soliciting a huge response from people.

Some people didn't seem too enamoured with her lifestyle and proceeded to take the piss:

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in san diego this week visiting family 🫶🏼

One said: "What is a stay at home girlfriend?? Like is it a fancy way of saying I’m unemployed??"

"Blink twice if you need help," another wrote.

"This is a joke," a third declared.

And a fourth questioned: "Is this satire?"

However other people supported her lifestyle and said they wanted something similar:

"I love it! You’re so blessed!" one said. "Every woman should be able to be loved like this."

Another said: "I want to say something snarky but at the same time i know this is the life I dream of".

And a third said: "You lucky gal".

Meanwhile, in other videos, she shows the things she does for her boyfriend "as a stay at home girlfriend" including making coffee, refilling his water bottle and loading the dishwasher.

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