TikTok account claims to expose Subway’s ‘eat fresh’ slogan

An anonymous TikTok user who claims to work at Subway has been sharing behind-the-scenes secrets about how their food is prepared.

A TikTok account called @secrets_of_subway0 is purportedly run by a Subway employee based in California.

Their video showing how the tuna mayonnaise is made has gone viral after being viewed 3.2 million times.

In the clip, the anonymous employee demonstrates how the fast-food sandwich restaurant makes its sandwich fillings.

The employee can be seen cutting into a 1.2kg bag of tuna and emptying the contents into a big silver bowl. They then add half a bag of mayonnaise before mixing it together by hand.


tuna at subway.🤢 #subway #eatfresh eatfresh #TalkCurlyToMe

In the clip, she said: “It smells horrible, like God awful. Way worse than the regular canned tuna at your house, it’s f***ing disgusting. The whole store smells like it.”

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The mixture was then ready to be placed on the counter and served to customers.

In another clip, the employee revealed that the eggs come cooked and frozen with pepper already on them.

They also shared that the steak arrives in frozen bags and it has to be left to defrost before being broken up into pieces by hand.

She said: “It kind of looks really gross.”

The rotisserie chicken also comes frozen in sealed bags which have to be drained of fluid down the sink before being placed into the container and being broken up.


rotisserie chicken at subway. #CinderellaMovie #subway #ArmaniMyWay #eatfresh

The woman explained: “After we drain it, we just dump it into the cambro (container) and I break it up with tongs because I hate the feeling of it, and then we serve it.”

Some have been left disgusted by how the food is prepared.

One person wrote: “You’re making me not what to eat Subway ever again.”

Another said: “I thought it was all fresh.”

Others were less surprised, given it’s a giant fast-food business, writing: “What did you all expect with fast food places?”

indy100 has contacted Subway for comment.

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