TikTok influencer says the app won’t let you post in underwear if you’re ‘fat’

<p>TikTok influencer says the app won't let you post in underwear if you're fat</p>

TikTok influencer says the app won't let you post in underwear if you're fat


A plus-size fashion content creator, Moe Olivia, says TikTok has double-standards when it comes to clips of people in their underwear, and says it repeatedly takes down her videos while thinner models are free to do as they please.

She said the social media app often tells her that her clips contain “adult nudity and sexual activity,” even though there’s nothing of the sort

GRWM videos, which stands for ‘get ready with me’, often feature influencers put on their outfit piece by piece, with many of the TikToks starting off with the person in their underwear.

These videos are popular on the app and typically aren’t deemed inappropriate by the algorithms.

But Olivia is blaming her curvier features as the reason why TikTok repeatedly takes down her videos.

In a clip on her account @moeblackx, shared screenshots of her recently removed video where she was wearing a tank top and shorts.


stop saying you support black creatives like it’s so performative at this point #doublestandards

She then compares her outfit to other videos when you search ‘GRWM’ that are still up and haven’t been taken down by TikTok that show women in their bras and underwear. Notably, all of the videos feature conventionally thin women.

“I wasn’t going to make this video but I’m finally speaking up,” Olivia says in the video. “TikTok only enforces the rules if you’re fat.”

In the comments, many other content creators shared their own frustrations with their videos being taken down for similar reasons.

“I legit think there’s enough evidence for a lawsuit. TikTok INTENTIONALLY targets and silences unconventional bodies. Which can stop a bag,” read one comment.

Another wrote, “You’re so right babe! I wanted to post a video of me in my swimsuit for my birthday in august and it kept getting removed.”

Indy100 has reached out for comment.

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