TikTokers reveal their sporting failures as they pretend to be athletes who didn’t make the Olympics

<p>TikToker Ben Chi shared his sporting failure after falling over trying to jump over the hurdles</p>

TikToker Ben Chi shared his sporting failure after falling over trying to jump over the hurdles


As the delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympics are finally underway, it’s no surprise that many of us are jealous of the Olympians competing.

Getting into the Olympic spirit, TikTokers have been creating hilarious parodies pretending that they are a disappointed athlete that has missed out on participating in the Olympic Games and then revealing hilarious footage of themselves failing at a sport.

To really set the scene and the emotions, what better song to use than Olivia Roderigo’s tear-jerker ballad Traitor.

TikToker, Ben Chi (@hel1enkellersonlyfans) looked downcast as the music played and he wrote: “I’m so upset that I worked so hard at the Olympics.”

You can watch the video in full here.

He then cuts to footage of what appears to him jumping over some hurdles awkwardly until the last one knocks him down to the ground.

Ben captioned the post: “old video of me doing hurdle drills” and was well-received on the app as it has over 1.7m and nearly 500,000 likes.

Joe Jonas took part in the trend as he shared is sadness at not making the USA gymnastics teamTikTok/joejonas

Even Joe Jonas got in on the action and put his own spin on the trend.

You can watch the video in full here.

The Jonas Brother videoed himself looking downcast as the text said: “Thinking about how I should be in Tokyo on the USA Gymnastics Team with Gary.”

Gary is Joe’s trusty ribbon as we find out in the next clip we he can be been twirling Gary to his heart’s content.

The bit is from Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers special on NBC.

“Just for Gary,” Joe wrote as the TikTok caption.

Since posting the video a day ago, its already received 1.7m views and over 400,000 likes.

TikToker Micah shared his surfing failure but jokes he can make it to the US Open next timeTikTok/micahmatsuda

Elsewhere, TikToker Micah shared his disappointment at not making the surfing team cut.

You can watch the video in full here.

As he wrote: “Thinking about how I should’ve been on the USA Olympic surfing team, but this wave wiped me out.”

The video then cuts to Micah attempting to stand up on his surfboard as a wave comes along - but fails miserably and instead plunges into the water, admitting defeat.

Though he remains hopeful in his caption where he wrote: “Maye US Open?”

Over 2.8m people have viewed Micah’s TikTok, with it also getting over 400,000 likes.

Despite TikToker Abby putting in the years of training on the elliptical machine, the Olympics just wasn’t meant to be for herTikTok/

Abby has shared her woes at missing the Tokyo Olympics.

You can watch the video in full here.

She wrote in her video: “Just found out that I’ve tested positive [with coronavirus we assume] so I can no longer compete in the Olympics. All my hard work over the past few years has gone to waste,” along with a sad face.

Cue the clip of Abby wearing a tracksuit in what appears to be a park, where she is working out on an elliptical machine.

Many found the clip hilarious as it has been viewed over 2.8m times and has nearly 500,000 likes.

Perhaps we’ll see Abby and the other TikTokers in Paris 2024...

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