TikTok 'how to show your room off like a cool girl' viral trend explained

TikTok 'how to show your room off like a cool girl' viral trend explained
showing him your room as a cool girl

TikTok's 'how to show your room off like a cool girl' viral trend is turning into one of the biggest trends of summer 2024.

It all stemmed from a video posted by Ellen Harold in February with the caption 'showing him your room as a cool girl'.

In it, she showed her room including a framed picture and "some of my boards" which were leaning in one of the corners of her room.

Immediately after that, she hilariously jumped on one of the surfboards by jumping sideways with her bodyweight going on the bed.

She then pretended to be surfing on water by moving her body around which caused the person behind the camera to erupt into fits of laughter.

The video has since got more than 18m views at the time of writing.



It took a few months for it to be recreated but loads and loads of others have since been doing so using the original audio from the clip.

And some of those that have done have got tens of millions of views themselves.

TikToker grincesslera shared her take on it by pointing to things on her wall and then hopping sideways on a surfboard which was leaning against one of the wardrobes in her room.

She held herself up with one of her arms on the arm of a sofa and even had time to look at the camera and extend her other arm out as if she was surfing.

At the time of writing, grincesslera's take has got more than 46.5m views.

But one of the most liked, by Christina Bell, has got more than a staggering 120m views.


So nonchalant #surfer #coolgirl

Bell shows a picture hanging above her bed before pointing to a surfboard leaning in the corner of her room before, more similarly to the original jumping sideways on the board using the bed to hold her bodyweight.

She even got a comment on her post from Google saying it was quickly "searching for surfing tutorials".

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