Please don't do TikTok’s viral washing up liquid condensation hack

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With winter and the chilly temperatures upon us, a plumbing expert has warned people not to follow the viral TikTok hack that recommends using washing up liquid on windows to prevent condensation.

As we keep ourselves warm in our houses, the air inside causes condensation when it hits the cold window pane, forming water droplets and if the condensation is left, mould can spread.

Now, a viral TikTok "hack" claims that wiping a thin layer of washing-up liquid can prevent condensation on the windows, with some claiming it works.

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However, that's not quite the case as bathroom expert Evan Jones from Bathroom Superstore explained to Manchester Evening Newswhy this could actually create more problems.

“While the videos clearly show that they are condensation free, what they don’t show is that the moisture that would have formed on those windows has now gone elsewhere,” he told the publication.

Evans then explained the moisture will soak that was previously formed on the window panes will soak into walls and ceilings instead, which is tricky to remove.

He said: "Removing mold from your walls is more difficult than removing it from PVC. If the mold does develop in your walls then it could cost thousands to fix and could make you very ill in the process."

This is what it looks like when condensation appears on windows due to the combination of a warm house and cold weather iStockphoto by Getty Images

The tell-tale sign that this has happened, according to Evans is that while the windows are condensation-free, it may feel "like you have a leak" in your house.

Rather than removing the moisture, he noted how the hack "simply moves it to a different area in your home."

Another downside to using washing-up liquid is that window fitters and manufacturers will say it can damage the rubber seals around the windows - not ideal when you want to keep the heat inside your house.

"Failed double glazing can then cause moisture to develop in between your window pains causing the glass to fog up and mould to develop," Evans explained.

"Using washing up liquid to prevent condensation can make the situation a whole lot worse."

In a warning to people, Evans added: “If you are using washing up liquid on your windows to prevent condensation you need to stop right away as there are better and safer alternatives that won’t damage your home or your health.”

There are alternative ways to remove condensation, as Evans recommends using a dehumidifier as "one of the best ways," to safely get rid of the moisture.

"While dehumidifiers can be costly they will remove excess moisture from your home and reduce the chance of mould developing significantly," he added.

Another tip is to open your windows in order to let out humid air trapped in the house, to prevent the condensation droplets from forming.

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