Viral TikTok of bridesmaids’ prank on bride divides viewers
TikTok/ gabyrojas992

A viral wedding prank is dividing viewers with some finding it funny and others seeing it as disrespectful to the bride.

Posted on TikTok, the prank shows a group of bridesmaids wearing purple crocs to the big day, something no one in their right mind would ever permit. The caption reads “when she says no to crocs” and the bride looks shocked on seeing her friends approach her, brandishing the foot demons.

But those viewing it are unsure about how appropriate the prank was. One commented:

“I hope y’all brought a change of shoes. The disrespect is real… you would not be in my pictures.”

Another said: “Yeah you would’ve not been in my wedding anymore.”

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“Regardless if it was a joke or not the disrespect on her wedding day to do the opposite of what she wanted is just,” a third wrote.

Others found it funny and one commenter said: “I would have laughed so hard! Knowing my friends they would do this but definitely as a joke with a change in shoes. Not something to be pressed over.”

And indeed in a comment on a second video about the ‘incident’ the TikTok user, Gaby Rojas, revealed that the bridesmaids had packed heels and only wore the crocs for a few photos.

In general, some people really like crocs and would not be opposed to donning them for their nuptials:

But others? Not so much.

“I’m suddenly aware of how seriously people take weddings,” Rojas wrote.

Indeed they do.

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