Woman discovers that we're all actually older than we think we are

Woman discovers that we're all actually older than we think we are
'Taco Thirty' birthday goes viral on TikTok

A TikToker has made a realization regarding our age, indicating we are all a bit older than we actually think.

Back in March, Emma posted a video explaining that she would be turning 29 years old and it was intimidating knowing it was the last year of her 20s. But then she made a scary realization: if she counts the day she was born as her birthday, she's actually turning 30.

"Your first birthday is when you've completed the year," Emma began. Your birthday is like a congratulations for all the work that you've just done the last 365 days, right?"

"So I'm turning 29 next month which means I've actually completed the 29th year of my life, so on my birthday I'm actually starting my 30th year of life," the TikToker added.

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Although horrified, Emma's video caught the attention of 79k people who agree, that there is something off about the way we count birthdays.


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Commenters shared their feelings upon the realization, with some choosing to ignore it and others choosing to embrace it.

"When I learned this fact I completely chose to ignore it."

"Yeah I didn't need this today."

"Age is just a number, honestly. Nothing changes you turn 30, it's great."

"I see it more like you'll be 29.01 and increasing towards 30 so technically you won't hit 30 until your birthday."

Other commenters pointed out that the system Emma is explaining is one used by many Eastern countries to measure age.

In countries like Korea, a person's first birthday is counted the day they are born, then going forward their birthday is celebrated on the Lunar New Year. Therefore 'aging' a person by one or two year(s) more than what they would be considered internationally.

Many cultures have long histories of counting birthday on the Lunar New Year rather than the person's actual birthday. Although this tradition is not as common anymore, it is still a practice some follow.

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