Woman says she's 'deleting Tinder forever' after man references her curtains in voice memo

Woman loses Tinder match after sending accidental voice note

A woman is sharing her horrifying dating story after a man she matched with on Tinder referenced her front window's curtains in a bizarre voice memo.

TikTok user @serena._rose posted on the social media app a screen recording of her conversation with the man on Snapchat.

After Serena had apparently stopped responding to the guy, he decided to go on a fully unhinged rant and leave her multiple voice messages.

“I matched with this guy on Tinder 6 months ago,” she explains in her video. “He sent me one picture and I sent him one back."

In the TikTok, Serena plays the voice messages the man had left for her where viewers can clearly hear that the man is upset and makes references to both her job and her home.

“What’s your response to that, I literally sent you a picture of me vaping and you sent me a duck face,” the man, Sean, can be heard saying in the voice message.

"Deleting tinder forever," she captioned the video along with the hashtags "stalker" and "Haha I'm in danger."

Deleting tinder forever #greenscreenvideo #stalker#hahaimindanger#tinder#help


Deleting tinder forever #greenscreenvideo #stalker#hahaimindanger#tinder#help

Deleting tinder forever #greenscreenvideo #stalker#hahaimindanger#tinder#help

Even though Sean received no response, he didn't exactly take the hint and continued to send voice memos her way.

“Exactly you don’t have a response to that, that’s what I thought. I’m a kind, compassionate, genuine guy that wanted to take you out for dinner and drinks and get to know you but no. Maybe it’s cause I’m vegan and I genuinely care about animals and stuff," Sean says.

When Serena, once again, did not respond to Sean, he went on even angrier and made it known that he knew where she worked and what her curtains looked like.

"I got a new job and I posted one photo of my ID card," the woman explained in her video, "He's starting to know where I live and where I work."

In a follow-up video, Serena gave more context to the story, though she explained that there wasn't much more to it.

She explained that she didn't feel comfortable sending her phone number after they matched on the dating app which is why the two were talking via Snapchat.

Reply to @vixen_mama maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s because he’s vegan


Reply to @vixen_mama maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s because he’s vegan

Reply to @vixen_mama maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s because he’s vegan

“This man freaked out at me because he felt so entitled to me and my time,” Serena said.

In the comments, many offered their support to Serena.

"Why are men so emotional," wrote one person.

"Lmao he’s a joke. I’m so glad I’m no longer single because whew the dating pool is scary," read another comment.

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