Woman reveals how often she washes her bra sparking huge debate

This woman revealed her friend does not wash her bra very often, sparking some controversy around bra-washing.

A question as old as time, how often should you wash your bras? For one woman, it's once a year - and her admission sparked a huge debate.

TikTok user, Desyr, revealed in a viral video that her friend only washes her bra every 365 days. Desyr did not name the friend, which is probably for the best, but she did ask her followers what their average bra-washing schedule looked like.

"I'm now curious, like how often does everyone wash their bras?" the TikToker asked. "I need to know what the kind of standard is amongst women everywhere."

Comment how often you wash your bras 😅 #winteroutfit #askontiktok #brawash


Comment how often you wash your bras 😅 #winteroutfit #askontiktok #brawash

Comment how often you wash your bras 😅 #winteroutfit #askontiktok #brawash

It sparked a big debate, as viewers revealed their washing frequency. Some said they wash their bras after one use - to which others called BS.

Others had no idea you were even supposed to wash your bras. Answers varied from every 4-6 wears, once or twice a month, once a week, or just when it smells.

The video has more than 165,000 views, prompting Desyr to make a follow-up video explaining that bras should be washed but not every day.

BTW according to Third Love, a lingerie company focused on all body types, you should wash your bras however often you feel the need - they recommend every one or two weeks.

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