TikToker accuses bar of drugging her and 13 friends – and suffers sexist backlash

<p>TikToker, Grace Van Overberghe describes in a video how she and a group of friends were drugged at a bar in Michigan.</p>

TikToker, Grace Van Overberghe describes in a video how she and a group of friends were drugged at a bar in Michigan.


A woman is facing sexist backlash online after she posted a video that has gone viral on TikTok, accusing a Michigan bar of drugging her and 13 of her friends with opioids.

Grace Van Overberghe posted the clip on Thursday where she warned women and students within the area of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

She recounts how she and her female friends went to bar in Kalamazoo last Monday.

The next morning, she said that “none of us had a recollection of our evening” and that they all tested positive for opiates.

It seems Overberghe knows who is responsible for this as she says there was only one person serving them the whole night and that those familiar to the area would “know who (she’s) talking about.”

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She also alleges the person in question followed them to Florida on spring break and made sexual remarks to them in the past. 

Overberghe included screenshots of the bar’s Yelp reviews which suggest that other women in the area have had similar experiences to Overberghe and her group of friends.

“[The barman]…constantly gropes underage women esp of your 18 and attractive!” read a part of the long review. “He also tries to get good with the frats so he can quote ‘get some 18yr old pussy.’ He allows underage drinking so he can make money and is extremely racist.”

The reviews also accused the bar of racism, while another screenshot showed an alleged former employee accusing two employees of being racist and of making anti-Black remarks in the past.

It’s unclear in what capacity the employees worked at the restaurant.

The bar’s Yelp page was being monitored by moderators on Tuesday as there was an “Unusual Activity Alert” notice.

This typically happens when a place is gets review-bombed resulting from viral allegations against it online.

Overberghe’s video now has over 1.3 million views, 237,000 likes and over 4,000 comments and it has spurred other women to come forward and share their similar experiences and what they have heard about the bar.

One person wrote: “Oh my goodness I graduated from Western and I am SO SORRY THIS HAPPENED. [It] has always been dangerous. I am so sorry.”

“YESSS THEY DID NOTHING IN 2016 WHEN WE REPORTED IT,” another person replied.


“That’s not a new issue. It’s insane that they’ve never got in trouble. I would never step foot in there after the one time I went,” a fourth person responded.

Despite the widespread support, Overberghe and her friends have also sadly received sexist backlash for sharing their story.

In a follow-up TikTok, Overberghe posted an audio message her friend received about the incident, in which a man called her a “salty whore.”

The profile has no bio and has no following, followers or likes.

The man in the audio clip says: “You’ve probably gotten drugged and raped before, you just don’t wanna admit it.”

Overberghe also said that others were accusing her of lying in order to “make money.”

“I’m not making any money, just...I have no words” Overberghe said.

Another person was not happy about one of Overberghe’s TikTok’s where she says in text: “I only went home with him because he bought me a taco,” with Overberghe and her friend laughing.

“This really undermines your other videos, activism and cause. From a woman in her mid 30’s, please heed my advice & delete,” the woman wrote.

The TikTok that one woman urged Overberghe to take down.

Overberghe responded: “As women, we are allowed to consensually do things. But to be un-consensually drugged or assaulted in any manner, we’re allowed to be pissed. That doesn’t mean we don’t get to do anything else just because we were assaulted.

“I’m not heeding your advice in any way shape or form because it is not advice, you are judging us,” she added.

The validity of Overberghe and her friend’s drug test results were also questioned by one person who replied: “That’s definitely not opiates.”

The TikToker then responds to accusations that her and her friends weren’t drugged with opiates.

“If you really, really need them, I can totally get you a picture of those drug tests, but first and foremost, you should really stop victim-shaming me,” Overberghe retorted in another TikTok.

A petition has been created to raise awareness about the alleged predatory nature of the bar staff, and has since received nearly than 10,000 signatures. 

The petition’s description says: “[The bar] cannot remain open while women are actively coming forward with these allegations. [The bar] needs to be thoroughly investigated as it is not safe for women to continue being served drinks that were drugged by the bartender(s).  Signing this petition will bring greater awareness to the predatory actions happening at this establishment.”

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