We all know what it's like going on a first date but, in recent years, dating apps have changed the entire relationship landscape.

Nowadays you match with someone on Tinder, Grindr or Bumble, or whichever dating app you subscribe to, chat for a few days and see where it goes.

If you're lucky enough to land a date you may start to think, 'Wow, this person seems pretty cool. Maybe they're the one.'

There's nothing wrong with that at all but, unfortunately, things don't always play out that way and just a few moments with the person can tell you that it isn't going to work.

That wasn't exactly the case for Alita Brydin from Melbourne, Australia, whose potential relationship with a man on she met on Tinder was ended by a text... from his girlfriend.

Writing on the Australian women's lifestyle website, Mamamia, Alita explained what happened:

The messages we exchanged were personal, intimate, yet so mundane.

My phone was filled with pictures of his cooking - he took me on the step by step journey of making pasta - selecting the ingredients, making the dough, working the half-falling-apart pasta maker.

He took pride in his cooking - and I saw it as a sign that he was a man ready to make a home.

The day finally came. I saw him confidently approaching me, striding past the Asian grocer, the dingy Chinese takeout.

Without saying a word he laid his lips on me, laid his palm on my lower back and kissed me. It was happening. Everything was coming together.

Looking in my phone the next day, I was elated. He’d been quiet - but that was OK - now we’d met each other, touched, kissed, I was secure. Until a message popped up.

'Stay away from my boyfriend.'

Her story has since become something of a viral hit on social media but, not out of solidarity for her awful experience, but because of a headline from The Mirror (hey! we're all guilty of it).

Although that headline seems harmless enough and does describe the story, if not in an intriguing way the clever folks on Twitter have been having a field day with it and it's become a huge meme, with people suggesting exactly what the 'five simple words' might be and, to be honest, it's kinda funny.

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