A woman has been forced to isolate with a guy she met on Tinder after they both tested positive for Covid on their first date.

Explaining the incredible story on TikTok, user @poppymoore777 said that the pair had just met and both discovered they were infected, so isolated together at his house.

They barely knew each other, but as they were facing 7 days of isolation together, she decided to document their time on TikTok.

At the start of a video that’s been viewed 14.6 million times, she showed users a short clip of her positive Covid lateral flow test.


“so how’d you guys meet?” #fyp

Then, in a series of various other clips, she zoomed in on the things that had been keeping them going, including a bag of protein powder, empty beer crates, an UberEats bag and Mario Kart.

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One person commented: “At least you would know what it’s like to live with him so you can decide whether or not he’s the one.”

Users have branded their whirlwind relationship an “omicron rom-com”, with a video of the food he had prepared for her and him holding a dog racking up 2.1 million views.


Reply to @shanwyborn update: this man cooked me dinner from scratch 😭

The woman explained that she had to isolate with him, as isolating alone wasn’t a possibility due to her circumstances.

But, it seems other TikTokers were a fan of the unusual situation and modern-day way of getting to know someone.

One person said: “I mean I would rather this than alone.”

Another wrote: “This is a new age rom-com.”

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