This Tinder user got shamed, so she dragged her match online

iSTOCK / Cesar Okada / Twitter / @chlolucas_

Tinder is a minefield.

It’s easy to spend hours swiping through hundreds of potential suitors before finally landing an elusive match and finding out they have absolutely no sense of humour.

Unfortunately, this was the situation Chloe Lucas, a young woman from Chesterfield, found herself in recently.

After matching with a guy – known only as ‘Tinder Boy’ – she decided to have some fun and crack a joke when he asked whether she preferred to be called Chloe or Chlo. Sensing an opportunity to showcase her (clearly excellent) sense of humour, she responded ‘The Duke of York – because I’ve had 10,000 men.’

Despite the obviously tongue-in-cheek joke, ‘Tinder Boy’ showed his true colours by responding with a gross, two-word response:

Wow slut.

Lucas simply sent a shrug emoji before sharing the conversation with Twitter, where it racked up hundreds of thousands of likes.

These kinds of exchange aren’t unique – in fact, there’s an Instagram account, @tindernightmares, dedicated to documenting these dating fails.

In fact, Lucas’ story is tame in comparison: here are a few, more extreme, examples.

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