Man tries to win back his ex by breaking up her new relationship - but it backfires terribly

YouTube / To Catch a Cheater

A heartbroken ex-boyfriend tried to win back Alex, the woman who dumped him – but it went horribly wrong.

Adam enlisted the help of YouTube channel To Catch a Cheater,in order to orchestrate a situation where Alex’s new man would cheat.

The reason? So she’d go back to Adam - The pair were apparently together for two years before she broke up with him, and it seems he'll stop at nothing to get her back.

Alex’s new boyfriend was approached by Brazilian model Bree, and Adam and his ex watched the footage together of the meeting together.

The model in question stops the new boyfriend on the street and explains that she has an interview. She asks him if she looks okay and he replies, “Looks like you’re good, you’re good”.

Bree then asks if he wants to go for a drink and he says “I mean, if you want to, then I guess we can go.”

She then says:

But you have a girlfriend right?

He replies, “No, I mean, I don’t. I guess I’m talking to somebody but we’re not really in a relationship.”

Then she goes in to kiss him, and Adam cheers. Alex meanwhile turns away from the video.

Picture: Picture: YouTube / To Catch a Cheater

Rather unsympathetically, Adam says to an upset Alex: “I’m sorry, that must be tough".

Adam calls the new boyfriend an idiot - unsurprisingly Alex turns to him and says he’s the idiot.

"This is why I broke up with him,” she tells the To Catch a Cheater team.

Adam admits he was going to propose to Alex that day - which was rather brave of him.

What how everything unfolds right here:

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