Um. So. Michael Gove is having a moment.

Yes, that is a cabinet minister (and leading Brexiteer) tweeting in what can only be described as a mock version of MLE (multicultural London English), a dialect which is influenced by cockney merged with elements of English spoken in the Caribbean, Indian Subcontinent and parts of Africa.

MLE is mainly spoken by young working class people... basically, not Michael Gove.

The meltdown was in response to Angela Rayner's kind of iconic tweet that Michael Gove is "crap at both" – meaning being a rapper, and a political analyst.

It's all part of Gove's beef with Stormzy, who is a vocal Labour supporter.

(One does wonder when Angela Rayner last heard Gove rap... but perhaps it's better not to know.)

If Gove thinks tweeting Stormzy lyrics at Stormzy is an example of "rapping", he is even more confused about how music works than he was about how the education system functions.

Clearly, the racial undertones of his response are hugely problematic, as many people have pointed out.

It's so so awful that people are actually concerned there may be something really wrong.

The whole internet has basically turned into one big collective cringe.

And in very much related news, today is your last day to register to vote...

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