MP spots 'surprise' in Westminster and TikTokers ask if it's Queen's ghost

MP spots 'surprise' in Westminster and TikTokers ask if it's Queen's ghost
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Conservative MP Luke Evans left TikTok users baffled by a “surprise” discovery made in Westminister Hall that left some asking if it was the “Queen’s ghost”.

Following the latest trend of MPs getting TikTok accounts to pretend to be down with the kids, Tory MP Evans shared a video taken at Westminster Hall, where the Lying-in-State of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II took place just a few months ago.

In the clip, text overlaying the video read, “Well this was a surprise to find in Westminster Hall”, while in the video, Evans had added a clip of an anime video game character dancing with the corresponding sound over the top.

The short clip of Klee, a character in the 2020 action role-playing video game Genshin Impact, had become popular to add to TikTok videos, but it was quickly pointed out to Evans that the trend is months old.

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In the comments, other TikTokers were unimpressed with Evans’ attempt to appeal to a young audience.

One comment read: “This is a man whose party is running the country…” Another said: “Shame there's not a TikTok filter for government integrity.”

“Luke, your intern is about four months too late on this,” someone else pointed out. One TikTok user added, “And I thought Hancock's TikToks had gotten weird”.

Someone else joked: “Good to see the Queen’s ghost living her best life!”

On a more serious note, another pointed out: “Queen was lying there a couple months ago…”

“Cost-of-living crisis and you MFs are doing this instead of trying to fix it,” another added.

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