Newlyweds divide opinion after wearing tracksuits to their wedding

Newlyweds divide opinion after wearing tracksuits to their wedding

From elaborate invitations, the intricate cake design and let’s not forget the ‘all-important’ dress, weddings are bound to cause quite a stir – before, during and after.

On top of that, newlyweds have to take on the added pressure of unwanted opinions from guests, and in this case, social media too.

One couple broke the societal wedding norms and opted for style and comfort instead. Wedding photographer and filmmaker Sarah Gonzalez of Wildwood Films (@wildwoodfilms) took to her Instagram page with a clip from the unconventional wedding that put a ‘comfort is key’ mentality front and centre.

The clip, which has racked up a staggering 18.3 million views, showed the newlyweds dancing at their wedding reception. The bride is wearing a crop top, jogging pants and trainers – complete with a white veil for the occasion. The groom donned an all-black attire in the form of a tracksuit and trainers.

“I love when couples say screw tradition and find unique and fun ways to show their personalities on their wedding day and start new trends of their own!” Sarah wrote in the caption.

“I predict sweat suits will be an up and coming trend this year and I am HERE FOR IT”, she added before asking her 16.5K followers what they thought and whether they would be open to taking on the trend for their wedding.

As imagined, the polarised responses rocked the Instagram post.

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“Ummm ABSOLUTELY”, one commented, while another said they “wished [they] would have thought of this!”

“I barely get to dress up so I rather dress up but be comfortable.. & whatever makes them happy”, another open-minded follower added.

However, other followers candidly expressed their dismay about the unconventional wedding attire.

One compared the dress code to going clubbing: “For me, it’s a no. I don’t want that day to be like any other clubbing day, I want it to be special. I can go with that outfit out anytime but it would be weird to put on a wedding dress and go to a club”

While another response suggested that your wedding is the one day you can go all out. “Omg literally you only get ONE day to wear the most beautiful expensive dress you will ever wear. Hellllllllll f**king no.”

Another Instagram user slammed the tracksuits as “inconsiderate” to the other guests. “It’s a no from me on this trend. All your guests are in fancy clothes but here you are in sweats. It’s inconsiderate to me”, they said.

Comfort is definitely key – no matter the occasion!

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