Trader Joe's viral tote bag is being sold for 300X profit

Trader Joe's viral tote bag is being sold for 300X profit
Talkers: Tiny Trader Joes tote bag madness
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A $2.99 Trader Joe's tote bag going on resale for almost a thousand dollars wasn't on our 2024 bingo cards, but here we are.

The limited mini canvas tote bag is exactly what it says on the tin, designed "for smaller shopping trips" and made from a 65 per cent cotton and 35 per cent polyester blend. They're etched with the signature Trader Joe's logo in four different colour ways: Navy, yellow, red and green.

"It'll fit a dozen of your favorite TJ's apples, or you can fill your Mini Tote with TJ's snacks & sweets to keep you munching on your next road trip," the site explains. "You can even stash a small paperback in the handy side-pocket, along with a Ciabatta Demi-Baguette, Organic String Cheese, and Citterio Salami Sticks for a relaxing spring afternoon in the park."

Despite still being available online, the bag is already reaching astronomical prices online.

One eBay listing shows the collection of four bags (RRP $12) for a staggering $999.99.

Another seller has listed three of the colours for a total of $69.99.

Trader Joe's

Seemingly, Stanley Quencher Cups walked so Trader Joe's could run.

The viral cup was racking in a healthy $70 million in annual sales a few years back – and has grown ever since, thanks to social media.

The Quencher Cup has since flooded feeds across the world, with celebrities, influencers, nurses, and office workers sporting the sought-after accessory.

There have been people camping out for limited edition releases, staff trying to hide stock for themselves – and even thefts totalling $2,500.

According to CNBC data, sales are expected to reach $750 million in a year.

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