Couple share disturbing flight details after claiming they had to 'sit in pee'

Couple share disturbing flight details after claiming they had to 'sit in pee'
Flight forced to land after diarrhea 'biohazard' incident on board

A couple were left mortified when they realised their damp plane seat during their nine-hour flight wasn't due to an innocent drink spillage.

The pair, who wish to remain anonymous, were travelling from Bangkok to Sydney on December 30 when the incident took place.

They opened up about the unfortunate situation to the New Zealand Herald, and have since pushed for a refund from the airline.

The pair took their seats on the plane and grabbed their duty-free bag with $70 worth of items from under the seat in front of them. The travel pillow was "wet and stained on one side," and the pair assumed it was water.

It wasn't until the end of their flight that one traveller reached under the seat and found a pair of children's underwear.


"We have been sitting in urine for a 10-hour trip," one of the travellers told the outlet. "And the travel neck pillow, well, I had been using that for the last couple of hours, under the assumption it was just a bit wet from water."

They went on to call a flight attendant who removed the underwear and said they would speak to their manager.

The couple claim the airline offered 10,000 points that they were not interested in as it didn't "make up for the fact we were sitting in biohazard waste".

In an email sent to the pair, the airline reportedly said: "I understand that due to inconvenience experience, you want to request for a refund of flight. However, we regret that we’re unable to meet your request as the ticket was fully utilised."

After a back and forth, the airline investigated the matter and offered full compensation as "a gesture of goodwill".

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