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Look, we cannot blame anyone for not wanting to crawl up a very high mountain for fun but if you choose to do so, it is quite odd to complain about it for simply... being a mountain.

But someone on TripAdvisor has done just that and described the mountain as “very steep and too high” in a scathing takedown of the highest peak in Scotland, in which the author awarded it just one star, and said it was “boring”.

Posting under the name GrimTraveller, the author wrote: “After going up mount Snowdon by train in Wales I’d forgotten just how high some mountains can get. And they don’t come much higher than this one - that’s for sure. LOL!

“This was almost a FULL day’s climbing and my girlfriend was crying at one point.

“When we did get to the top there was nothing there (Mount Snowdon has a pub, restaurant and toilets at its top).

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“Luckily we had brought some sandwiches and drinks, so anyone else climbing this one - BE WARNED- there are NO facilities at the top.”

Ben Nevis, in Scotland, is the highest peak in the UK. It takes around nine hours to climb and attracts around 100,000 visitors a year.

But GrimTraveller was unimpressed. He continued: “The climb basically went on for far too long and the last part was particularly steep and difficult.

“It was also cloudy at the top so the view was non-existent. The long walk back down was boring and again took too long.

“It was a great relief to get back to our B&B in Fort William for a hot soapy bath and the joys of a flushing toilet with soft toilet rolls.

“This attraction is free but I honestly couldn’t imagine anyone - and I mean anyone - paying to climb this.”

The review was posted in October 2014 but has resurfaced on social media again this week. People found it iconic:

But GrimTraveller is not against all mountains. In another review of Mount Snowdon in Wales, the reviewer praised a train service that takes visitors to the top. He wrote:

“The people of Wales have the right idea. If your highest mountain is a bit steep and a long walk up for a lot of people just build a railway to the top! Brilliant!”

He awarded it four stars.

With lockdown meaning that walking has now long one of the only legal hobbies, we can only imagine how bored the reviewer has been.

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