Trucker films creepy ghost-like figure on highway while driving alone

Ghost? Glare? Arizona trucker shares footage of chilling sighting

A truck driver's chilling dashcam footage has left people freaked out, after picking up a mysterious figure on the side of the road.

William Church from Arizona discovered the strange encounter on Saturday (11 March) when he reportedly drove down Arizona State Route 87.

He recalled noticing a bright glare on his dashcam – which he believes could be a ghost.

William saw the figure around 2.30am at the highway's 200-mile marker, located between Phoenix and Payson.

The truck driver told FOX he was alone on the road, with no other cars in sight, before describing the translucent figure as resembling a person "just standing in the roadway."

Speaking about the footage, he continued: "You can see the lines through the legs making the figure."

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Ghost? Glare? Arizona trucker shares footage of chilling

Believers flocked to the clip with one writing: "Spirits, Ghosts, entities whatever you would like to call them, they are always with us."

Another person claimed they have lived in the area for years, writing: "Lived there for 8 years. There actually right now to visit with family. And the stuff I’ve seen is insane."

A third viewer claimed: "Seen a ghost standing next to a small drainage bridge. We investigated any accidents in that area when we got home and a guy died in a car accident a day before at that location. The picture in the paper showed the guy in a red shirt and blue jeans. When we saw the apparition it had a red shirt and blue pants. Real freaky"

Elsewhere, others weren't as convinced and were quick to chime in with logical explanations.

"That has to be an optical illusion," one theorised, "that light down the road is reflecting off that sign to the right of the image."

A second believed it to be a "strange reflection" from one of the truck mirrors.

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