Trump's new tariff bill could be called the 'FART Act' and everyone made the same joke


We're halfway through 2018 and we honestly didn't think things could get much more ridiculous. And then we remembered who the US president is.

A report recently published by Axios, reveals that Donald Trump is planning to leave the World Trade Organisation and adopt a new trade bill for the United States.

It's name? The United States Fair and Reciprocal Tariff Act, otherwise know as the FART Act. Yes, that's right. The FART Act.

Just let that sink in. A president, whose surname is Trump, is potentially about to enact something named THE FART ACT.

Honestly, it's pointless writing jokes anymore because the news does it for us.

The existence of the bill is still yet to be confirmed by the Trump administration, but iabandoning WTO rules would be a huge step and would allow Trump to raise tariffs without the control of Congress, and could have wide-reaching effects on international trading.

Predictably, the actual seriousness of the situation isn't what's grabbing people's attention. Of course, it's the name. And honestly we don't know if we'd rather have it any other way.

Even Trump's former director of communications Anthony Scaramucci weighed in with a subtle joke, while also lambasting the proposal.

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