‘Hilarious’ spoof video shows Trump forcibly removed from White House while ranting about the election

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Trump Oval Office Event 


A new video lays out what many people have been hoping for since the 2016 Inauguration Day – President Donald Trump casually, but forcefully, being removed from the White House.

A spoof video clip, which currently has more than five million views, came back into the spotlight on Wednesday after journalist Zachary Petrizzo brought to attention that “failed GOP candidate” Laura Loomer, wants Trump to ”physically refuse to leave” the White House.

Loomer wrote on Parler – a new pro-Trump Twitter-like social media app – “President Trump should physically refuse to leave the White House as a form of sit in protest against voter fraud and stolen elections.”

Journalist Aaron Rupar then retweeted the Loomer news with the video clip – first posted by Paul Lee Teeks a few days earlier.

The video begins with Trump being rolled out of the Oval Office, pontificating about the “rigged election”, and no one removing him seems to take any notice. The most amusing part of the video is perhaps the end, where Trump says, “wait just one second” as he is lifted into a truck – presumably to be taken away forever.

The video was built off an original clip from the satire show ‘The President Show’ on Comedy Central.

People called the viral clip “brilliant”, “hilarious” and the “funniest thing on the internet right now”, with many hoping Trump’s leaving office would actually play out this way: “Nothing would be better than watching him carried out of there,” one person commented.

But despite the entertainment, like all good satire, the joke at the core of the video perhaps hit a bit close to home – as many Americans wonder if Trump will actually leave office despite official recognition of Joe Biden as the president-elect by the electoral college.

“I waited four long years to see the Electoral College officially declare Joe Biden the next president of the United States. Now all I need for closure are pictures of Trump leaving the White House hopefully on his way to prison,” one person wrote in reference to the video.

In fact, Trump – who has yet to acknowledge his election loss – may still refuse to leave the White House. And while there is no precedence of an American president refusing to relinquish power, this satire may soon become reality. 

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