A Trump supporter tried to claim there were 'no-go zones' in the UK. Brits shut him down in the best way


United States President Donald Trump didn't have a particularly dignified response to the attack on London Bridge and Borough Market that killed seven and left 48 injured.

He reacted by promoting his "travel ban" and criticising London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

A Trump supporter responded to his President's tweet, saying that in England and France there are "no go zones" that even "the police are scared to enter".

Thing is, no one who actually lives in the UK seems to know where these "no-go zones" are.

Naturally, Brits came back with fitting comebacks like "bulls**t" and "b*ll**ks".

Some went for the very British insult, "you pillock".

People then thought long and hard. They've realised what these so-called "no-go zones" are:

  • Oxford street in December.
  • The walk from the Northern line to the Central line at Bank tube station
  • Green Park on any day above 18 degrees Celsius
  • The Covent Garden tube station lifts
  • Any central pub after 5pm

Mr Zales was promptly schooled:

It comes after #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling trended on Twitter following a New York Times report.

In the wake of the horrific attack in Manchester two weeks ago, the UK Government raised the terror threat in the country to critical.

In a similar vein to #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling, #BritishThreatLevels trended on Twiter.

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