People are sharing the things they’re thankful to Trump for and it’s as brutal as you’d imagine
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Today is Thanksgiving.

As you’ll already know, Thanksgiving is a yearly celebration in the US where Americans eat tons of food and say what they’re grateful for.

In 2020, it’s harder than most years to find things to be thankful for given that there’s a global pandemic going on.

Nevertheless, some people used social media to sincerely express their gratitude for a multitude of things.

Meanwhile, others were taking the opportunity to have a bit more fun with saying thanks.

The hashtag #ThingsWeShouldThankTrumpFor has been making the rounds and it’s as hilarious as you’d expect.

Instead of it being used by Trump supporters to praise the presidents, it’s mainly populated with tweets ridiculing him.

Someone was thankful for “all the jokes he has provided for the comedians, talk show hosts, news media, social media etc”.

A good point.

Another person joked: “#ThingsWeShouldThankTrumpFor: Reminding us that we SHOULDN’T inject or ingest bleach.”

Another valid point.

People got really creative with using the hashtag.

We’re thankful to everyone on Twitter for making us laugh!

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