Witches are casting spells to stop Trump from winning the election
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Witches from across the US plan to cast a spell to magic away president Trump come November 3rd.

According to a Medium post, these witches will perform a ritual to ensure that Joe Biden wins the presidency.

They’ll be casting the ‘Blue Wave’ spell under a blue moon, which will be visible on Halloween.

The witches will also perform magic the night before the election, just to be on the safe side.

In the post, Michael M Hughes – a self-described ‘magical thinker’ – shares an “easy and powerful” ritual for people to follow.

The spell involves candles, a printout of the United States, a tarot card, a nail and the photos or campaign literature of Democrat candidates.

It is, according to Hughes, best performed at midnight or noon.

He writes: “If you have an altar, use it. If you don’t have an altar, clear a quiet, private space to serve as one.”

Participants are instructed to chant:

Blue Wave, rise! Blue Wave, wash over the land! Blue Wave, cleanse! Blue Wave, renew!

Ad libs of "wash away the Nazis, wash away the hate" are also encouraged.

This isn’t the first time Hughes has brought witches together to get political. In 2018, he encouraged witches to perform the first Blue Wave spell.

He’s also published spells to help out with Black Lives Matter, Covid-19 and abortion rights.

Hughes doesn’t expect magic alone to win the election for Biden.

Witches, like everybody else, are encouraged to go out and vote.

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