The Try Guys claim that the Ned Fulmer cheating saga helped 'improve' them

The Try Guys claim that the Ned Fulmer cheating saga helped 'improve' them
Try Guys detail Ned Fulmer's ousting in new podcast

The Try Guys have, once again, addressed Ned Fulmer's cheating scandal, saying their company is in a much "healthier place".

For the blissfully unaware, a swarm of cheating allegations came out in September 2022, that claimed Fulmer cheated on his wife, Ariel. Subsequently, the YouTube collective dismissed him from the group, removed him from all of their videos and went on to detail the incident in a five-minute YouTube video.

In an episode of their TryPod podcast last year, the remaining three opened up about how Fulmer's actions affected the group.

"One thing is like how we all looked in that video is tired. Yes. Eugene looked angry. Zach looked sad and I looked disgusted, but we’re all tired," Try Guy's Keith Habersberger said.

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"It’s been a lot of mental exhaustion and worry and fear and stuff and it’s just like been really draining."

Fulmer also released a statement on Twitter:

Now, two of the members have revisited the scandal, likening it to a "sudden, abrupt divorce" – almost a year later.

During an interview on An Unfiltered Conversation with YouTube stars Colin and Samir, Zach Kornfeld explained: "Long story short, I think now we are finding our company in a much healthier place."

An Unfiltered Conversation with The Try

He said the team have since become closer, and it "allowed us to reevaluate what we want to focus our energies on."

Kornfeld added: "And to shape the company and our image to be less driven by short-term goals and to really recommit to our audience and what we care about. We’re not in our viral phase anymore, we’re in our cultivation phase."

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