T-shirts you will only wear if you are an awful person

T-shirts you will only wear if you are an awful person

For those who wonder what it is about domestic violence, kidnapping and depression that screams ‘put me on a T-shirt’.

These Urban Outfitters T-shirts were taken off the shelves after a (completely understandable) social media backlash.

Topman’s ‘you provoked me’ T-shirt listed was removed from sale after customers said it trivialised domestic violence.

Their ‘nice new girlfriend: what breed is she?’ T-shirt was also pulled after claims of sexism.

This woman’s T-shirt is described as “perfect for dinner or daytime lounging.” But not family meals.

H&M apologised and pulled this T-shirt from shelves after campaigners unsurprisingly pointed out it could be seen as anti-Semitic.

These ‘stab’ T-shirts were removed from shelves in 2008, a year in which 21 young people were stabbed to death in London, following claims they glamorised violence.

As Jezebel said of this A Pea in the Pod maternity T-shirt: “There are lots of things pregnant women need while they are waiting to birth their offspring. I doubt one of them is a shirt that reinforces the idea that there is something wrong with their bodies during pregnancy.”

These HiveTees babygros were quickly removed from Amazon stores, for very obvious reasons.

American Apparel launched this ‘teenagers do it better’ T-shirt in 2011, shortly after CEO Dov Charney's former employee, 19-year-old Kimbra Lo, described him as a "monster" and told women to "beware" of him.

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