Twitch streamer Kim Mikka responds after being accused of having sex on a live stream again

Twitch streamer Kim Mikka responds after being accused of having sex on a live stream again
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A Twitch streamer who was banned from the platform for having sex on a live stream has been accused of doing it again.

21-year-old Peruvian Kim Mikka, who used to be known as Kimmikka, was given a seven-day ban from Twitch in August after it emerged she had sex while streaming.

While no graphic imagery was shown, the reflection in the window along with Mikka’s facial expressions let fans deduce what was going on. A clip of the incident went viral on Twitter and has been viewed over 13 million times.

Since being reinstated at the beginning of the month her follower count has grown significantly, but she now faces accusations of having sex on camera again.

The allegations came from fellow Twitch streamer Hasan Abi Piker, who alleged Mikka had sex again after getting reinstated.

According to PopTopic, Piker said on a stream: “She did it again! After receiving a one-week ban for this before, she has been banned again for having sex on stream.

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He continued: “While I respect the art and admire her grind I don’t think Twitch is the right place for her. I don’t think they’ll lift her ban this time.”

On Piker’s Discord channel, old clips of Kim Mikka having sex on Twitch were shared, leading to the rumour that she had done it again.

Hasan’s fans went to Mikka’s channel in their thousands, with some verbally abusing her and calling her an “ugly wh*re” and a “sl*t”.

But in a stream, Mikka confirmed that the videos are not new and therefore the rumours are untrue. Although English isn’t her first language, she also denied the allegations in English.

She continued, explaining: “The first clip was from when I got banned off Twitch but the second clip is very old and is not from Twitch. I have not done this again.”

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