Twitch streamer banned after appearing to run over a dog

Twitch streamer banned after appearing to run over a dog
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A Twitch streamer has been banned from the platform for appearing to run over a dog after getting distracted by her phone while driving her car.

On February 17th, Polish streamer 'sidneuke' was streaming from her car and chatting to her followers when she briefly glanced down at her phone.

In those few seconds the car appears to hit something and a small yelp can be heard. A distressed 'sidneuke' then stops the car and gets out to check whatever she hit was ok.

According to the Polish website, Boop, 'sidneuke' had noted that there were number of dogs on the road at the time asking: "how many dogs are there," before driving off.

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Footage of the incident has since been shared on Reddit and across social media. Warning: The clip does contain footage which some people might find disturbing.

Shortly after the ban 'sidneuke' received a ban from Twitch. Her account currently reads: "This channel is currently unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service." It is not clear if the ban is permanent or not.

It is not clear why 'sidneuke' was hit with a ban but it has been suggested that it was for using her phone while she was driving, which has happened to other streamers on the platform.

Sidneuke is yet to publicly comment on the ban.

A spokesperson for Twitchdid not specifically tellindy100 they did point us in the direction of the company's community guidelines which states: Dangerous or distracted driving, including using a phone while driving and drunk driving.

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