Twitch viewers left confused as 'topless' meta stream goes viral

Twitch viewers left confused as 'topless' meta stream goes viral

Twitch users were left feeling a little confused recently after a ‘topless meta’ stream went viral, seemingly pushing the boundaries of the platform’s terms of use.

For anyone unfamiliar with streaming lingo, a ‘meta’ on the platform is a reference to a specific way of users boosting their channels.

Back in 2021, there was controversy around the ‘hot tub meta’ which – as you can probably guess – involved streamers hopping into a hot tub while streaming as a way of optimising viewership.

Now, a streamer and OnlyFans model has risen in popularity on the platform using a ‘topless meta’, which appears to flirt with Twitch’s terms of use.

The streamer, known as “Morgpie”, has gone viral on Twitch after appearing to go topless on camera, albeit with the framing cutting off any nudity.

It’s led some to wonder how the model is able to continue streaming without violating the platforms Community Guidelines on Sexually Explicit Content.

Guidelines on Adult Nudity don’t allow women to show “breasts with exposed nipples” unless they are “actively breastfeeding a child”.

Morgpie doesn’t seem too concerned by any pushback levelled at her though, even calling for streamer CinnamonToastKen to take part in the ‘meta’ himself after facing criticism.

It comes after a Twitch streamer and OnlyFans model revealed a new $17m project to overtake billionaire Bill Gates – in the fruit orchard industry, at least.

Amouranth, who has 6.4m followers on Twitch, spent the money on a huge plot of farmland totalling about 2,213 acres, or 895,569 square metres.

She announced the news on X/Twitter, where she said: “Buy land – they aren’t making it anymore.”

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