Amouranth plans to overtake Bill Gates with £13m land project

Amouranth plans to overtake Bill Gates with £13m land project
How much money does AMOURANTH make each month? You will be surprised! / VideoElephant

An influencer and OnlyFans model has revealed a new $17m project to overtake billionaire Bill Gates – in the fruit orchard industry, at least.

Amouranth, who has 6.4m followers on Twitch, spent the money on a huge plot of farmland totalling about 2,213 acres, or 895,569 square metres.

She announced the news on X/Twitter, where she said: “Buy land – they aren’t making it anymore.”

Amouranth didn’t say what she plans to do with the land, whether she will keep the orchard or convert it into something else, but said “immediate tax benefits” are a part of her thinking.

The land cost £7.5m in 2021 but the last investment is almost double that, at $17 million (£13.4m).

She said: “The main crop is Valencia Oranges (they aren't as pretty as California orange but taste waaaay better) and most of the yield is turned into orange juice.

“Why am I investing arable land? Mainly for the stability, and the steady increase in value expected over the long run (average price of farmland increased 600% from 1945 to 2015).”

The other reason is “immediate tax benefits,” she added.

“Slowly but surely I’m set to overtake Bill Gates and his 275,000 ag acres.”

The internet celebrity has a history of investing her internet earnings in unusual ventures. Her portfolio includes everything from buying a seven-eleven to using her vaginal yeast to sell beer.

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