Twitter mocks Biden's free Covid tests with pics from Little Mermaid and Jersey Shore

According to the CDC, The Jersey Shore cast would not receive enough free Covid tests for everyone.

The Biden administration recently announced it would be sending free Covid testing kits to every household in America, in an effort to provide better access to testing. However, the freebie only includes four rapid tests, which leaves some households short-changed.

The official website,, says: "To promote broad access, the initial program will only allow 4 free individual tests per residential address"

People immediately took to Twitter to mock the number of tests being sent out. Users created memes of prominent 4+ person households from TV and film who would not receive enough tests.

The line, "they would only get free four tests" started trending on Thursday in reference to the CDC's decision.

For households of four or more, there are options to get tested for free depending on your insurance provider and location. Private insurance providers are required to reimburse people up to $12 per single test. Some communities have set up free testing sites, a list can be found here.

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