Why does Twitter really, really want you to follow this one random fashion guy?

Musk announces new Twitter policy is to follow, question science

Since the “For You” Twitter page launched, it seems like everyone has suddenly become familiar with a Twitter user known as "Menswear Guy."

According to Twitter users, the “For You” timeline has been filled with content from the menswear expert known by his Twitter handle, @dieworkwear but whose real name is Derek Guy.

And nobody really knows why... not even Guy.

“My guess is as good as anybody else's,” Guy, a men’s fashion writer, told GQ in an interview.

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The “For You” timeline often shows humorous or viral tweets from well-known Twitter users. But Guy’s content is mainly about menswear, although occasionally offers a humorous point related to men’s fashion.

Twitter users have branded him the "Menswear Guy."

It seems everyone has become familiar with him and while nobody is truly sure how he ended up being the star of the "For You" timeline there are some theories.

Guy thinks he ended up on the "For You" timeline because of his Twitter engagement.

"I get more people asking questions," he told GQ. "Even if you don't follow me, if a bunch of people around you follow me, then I will pop up in your thread."

His theory is that the Twitter algorithm picked up on his high level of engagement and assumed other people would want to see his tweets too.

Other people believe his content is just the right amount of engaging, earning him a spot in the "For You" timeline.

With his newfound fame, Guy hopes his tweets inspire men to find their own style through fashion.

"Instead of trying to dictate to men how to dress, I try to hopefully instill in them that there's a language in dress," Guy told GQ.

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