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Twitter users embarked on possibly the greatest manhunt of the year so far while trying to track down a young man a girl kissed at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

It’s called the most romantic city in the world for a reason you know.

Before flying to Paris for a 12 day trip with her school friends, Juliana Corrales made a pact.

She decided she would kiss someone at the summit of the iconic tower.

On the last day of her French adventure, Juliana made her way up in the lift and started looking for someone to kiss. She said on Twitter:

Unfortunately there wasn’t many options because there was no one my age who didn’t come with their girlfriend.

But then her friend spotted ‘Gavin.’ They followed him around and her pal eventually tapped him on the shoulder and quickly backed away leaving Juliana to speak. She said on Twitter:

Somehow I managed to make concise sentences and I asked him if he wouldn't mind kissing me.

She explained her pact and to her surprise, he kissed her.

But it didn’t end there.

Amid all the excitement, which involved Gavin’s mum yelling: “That’s my son, kiss again so I can get a picture,” Juliana said she forgot to get his number.

This is where the Twitter army got involved.

People were happy to oblige.

Things got hopeful when someone tweeted:

And then:

When she finally saw that Gavin had been found, Juliana thanked everyone:

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