One woman found out in the worst possible way that her boyfriend was cheating on her: By dropping his fling off at his house.

Twitter user Msixelaa was doing a shift as a taxi driver when she picked a woman up from the airport, and it soon became clear the girl was her boyfriend’s other girlfriend.

Now pay attention, because there’s a whole story here to unfold.

Msixelaa wrote that her boyfriend was going away to visit his mother in hospital. “He had luggage packed and everything, and I stayed with him the night before,” she wrote.

And then she goes to work as an Uber driver...

And then they get to their destination:

And then...

Then it got a bit messy. Msixelaa eventually drove off.... With the other woman's luggage. But she did later ask him why he did it:

Now, about these sunglasses...

But, update:

And no wonder, after that drama.

But here are the worst bits of all:

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