UberEats customer refuses to take order from driver who asked him for cash

UberEats customer refuses to take order from driver who asked him for cash
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Food delivery apps can make life that little bit easier with quick, accessible options from a wide range of restaurants. However, one customer experienced an awkward interaction with their Uber Eats delivery driver, who refused to deliver his order unless he paid for the petrol.

In a post to Twitter, lawyer Exavier Pope shared the string of texts and tagged the official Uber support account.

"I'm gonna run outta gas. Can you Cash App me a few bucks for gas, please? I had no idea u were that far," the initial message to Exavier read.

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The driver then proceeded to contact Exavier via text, writing: "Yo, it's your Uber driver. I can't make it to you unless I can somehow get gas money."

"This is harassment," Exavier tweeted while giving live updates to followers.

The saga continued when Exavier hit back and called his behaviour "unprofessional" after the driver attempted to call him five times and repeatedly asked for money.

Exavier did "not feel safe taking the order," and asked the driver to leave the food outside.

"I am about to call the police on this dude," he said.

"Thank you for bringing this to our attention," the Uber Eats account tweeted. "Behavior like this is definitely not OK! A member of our team is on top of this and will follow up with you via in-app as well as to the email address associated with your Uber account."

Exavier responded: "It was definitely a harrowing experience and something I do not want to experience again. [This was] a person coming to my home pressuring me for money. My lawyer brain is active on this."

Indy100 reached out to Uber Eats for comment.

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