UFO 'spotted' during solar eclipse causes social media meltdown

UFO 'spotted' during solar eclipse causes social media meltdown
Wales is the UK's UFO hotspot
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A video has been posted on X / Twitter of what the user claims is a UFO appearance in Texas during the solar eclipse on April 8.

Matt Wallace posted the video just before 3am BST on April 9 morning with the caption: "A new video just surfaced of the UFO spotted over Arlington Texas during the solar eclipse today and people are freaking out because it seems to disappear into the clouds."

The video starts by a focusing on a partial eclipse with a shadow appearing to quickly zoom by.

The video then zooms out before the same shadow appears to be going quickly the other way and disappearing entirely.

UFO is an acronym for 'unidentified flying object' but they're more recently referred to as UAPs, which stands for 'unidentified anomalous phenomena'.

A number of social media users have been in meltdown because of the video - and others have tried to explain it.

One popular response explained the clip, with the user saying: "Shadow on the clouds from an higher altitude airplane. I have seen this many times as an aviation spotter."

The solar eclipse took place on March 8 through North America, starting over land in Mexico before going through Dallas in Texas, Indianapolis, Cleveland and Buffalo and through the north-west corner of Canada.

Around 32 million people live where the 'path of totality' was according to NASA, which is the area where the moon fully blocked out the sun, with a further 150 million reported to be living near it and 99 per cent of people living in the country able to see a partial or total eclipse from where they live.

Millions flocked to the 'path of totality' to see the eclipse in its full glory.

But in the UK, it was a different story as any chance of seeing a partial eclipse was ruined by persistent cloud cover.

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