10 funniest memes as clouds ruin UK's solar eclipse view

10 funniest memes as clouds ruin UK's solar eclipse view
'It makes me feel like I'm part of something bigger:' Eclipse provides …
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The 2024 solar eclipse was a special, rare event where millions of people gathered across North America on April 8 to see the moon pass between the Earth and the sun.

The view itself, along with the multitude of photos and videos millions took, was simply stunning as people marvelled at the awe-inspiring cosmic event.

But spare a thought for those in the UK and Ireland whose chances of seeing anything were completely dampened by the weather.

In America, it started over land in Mexico before going through Dallas, Indianapolis, Cleveland and Buffalo and through the north-west corner of Canada.

Around 32 million people live where the 'path of totality' was according to NASA, which is the area where the moon fully blocked out the sun, with a further 150 million reported to be living near it and 99 per cent of people living in the country able to see a partial or total eclipse from where they live.

Millions flocked to the 'path of totality' to see the eclipse in its full glory.

But while a partial eclipse was expected to be visible across Ireland and western parts of the UK, persistent heavy cloud cover stopped any chance of it being spotted for most people.

Clouds gathered and heavy rain showers started from around 6pm BST through the evening and a partial eclipse would have been visible from 7.55pm until sunset.

Northern and western parts of England, along with the entirety of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland, had the chance to at least see something - if the skies were clear.

And with typical British weather meaning barely anyone in the UK and Ireland managed to see anything, there have been some brilliant reactions on social media.

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