Map of UK as US states sparks debate about similarities between Britain and America
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A map of the United Kingdom as US states has sparked debate about how British regions and counties compare to their American counterparts.

For reasons unknown, the Twitter account “Milkman Memes For Lib Dem Teens” decided to attempt the wildly-controversial task of assigning states to the UK over the weekend, with the results sparking a mixture of debate and outrage online.

Some of the decisions are pretty obvious: for example, London is clearly New York – a culturally rich and terrifying expensive major world city.

However, others are less clear – especially as the explanations offered by Milkman Memes range from vague social commentary to geographical similarities.

You can find the full map below:

As ever with these things, whether any of these decisions make sense is a matter of gut instinct but here are some that fit quite well:

And here are some that are more questionable…

Anyone claiming that Preston is the “British Las Vegas” has surely not spent much time in either of those cities – especially when the UK’s Las Vegas is clearly Blackpool...

Thankfully, some other users have come up with alternative suggestions for the different parts of the country, with some pretty detailed thinking behind them:

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