After a seemingly endless heat wave, we can fully confirm that the rain is back in the UK.

Initially, after being scorched to death all summer, people were happy to see the rain return as it briefly cooled everyone down.

However, this time around the rain isn't messing about and is here to make its presence firmly felt, not just with a light smattering but with torrential downpours.

The most ludicrous and downright weird rain-related moment as of late came outside of Hammersmith tube station in West London on Thursday, where commuters had to use a makeshift bridge to cross the pavement which had become flooded.

People didn't quite know what to think of this.

Elsewhere the plans that people had made, presumably believing that the sun would still be out, were ruined by the rain.

There was some very 'first world problem' kind of issues.

Some people are concerned about 'Storm Debby' which is due to batter parts of the UK this weekend.

All in all, some people just find it very funny.

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