UK weather: It has started to rain again and everyone is very happy

Andy Rain/ EPA

After what felt like a lifetime of never-ending torture from the sun and heat that verged on the nuclear level, the heavens finally opened up.

That's right, it has finally started to rain again in the UK and for once no one complained about it.

Thunderstorms and heavy showers fell throughout the country and rather than stay inside and shelter everyone ran outside and embraced it (the heat has clearly sent everyone delirious).

Even major brands and institutes were thankful.

You can always rely on TFL staff to provide us with a poignant message.

The smell of rain (which, in case you didn't know, is called petrichor) was a welcome sensation.

Is it a coincidence that actor Sam Neil arrived in London on the exact same day?

Not everyone was that happy.

Now we all know how Andy Dufresne felt.

While it is all well and good, please spare a thought for the animals.

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