Russia talks with Ukraine 'only for show', says former foreign minister

A TikTok video has gone viral after lifting the lid on the realities of "grocery struggles" in Ukraine right now.

Andrey Liscovich (@ukrdefensefund), a former Uber executive who travelled to Ukraine to assist the country with logistical issues, took to the platform to reveal the shockingly bare supermarket aisles that have become commonplace since Russia invaded the country.

"Grocery store struggles in Ukraine right now," he said. "Only orange-coloured fruits and veggies left."

Liscovich said he was picking up groceries in Zaporizhzhia for the Ukrainian soldiers – but was shocked to discover there was barely anything left. He pointed out a pile of carrots, adding: "There's still some oranges but almost everything else is gone."

In part two of the clip, he showed the dairy aisle which was "almost entirely empty."

"The food situation is getting pretty worse," Liscovich said. "It's pretty noticeable."


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Many fellow TikTok users thanked Liscovich for his help and support, while others expressed their concerns by the deteriorating situation.

One user compared it to 2020, saying "It's giving me 2020 vibes", to which Liscovich responded: "We also can't believe this is happening in 2022."

"It's getting worse or doesn't exist," another pondered.

While a third suggested: "Fortunately it's not the same from city to city."

Since Russia invaded Ukraine three weeks ago, over two million people have fled the country. There are also around 40,000 people without food and water in the east of the country as businesses struggle to keep the shelves stacked due to Russian troops encircling the area.

Denys Monastyrsky, Ukraine’s interior ministry, said: “Currently, the humanitarian situation is difficult in the east of the state. The issue of evacuating people from the cities of Volnovakha, Sartana, Talanovka, where active hostilities continue, is especially acute.

“But the Russian side has not given an answer about the evacuation of the population,”

Monastyrsky added: “The government has already created a coordinating center for the provision of food, water, medicines and fuel. We are organizing the transfer of humanitarian goods to the neediest cities."

The UK have since launched two schemes for Ukrainian refugees to seek safety. Brits who host a refugee will receive a "thank you" payment of £350 a month, along with additional payment to support children who will need to be accommodated within the education system.

The Independent has a proud history of campaigning for the rights of the most vulnerable, and we first ran our Refugees Welcome campaign during the war in Syria in 2015. Now, as we renew our campaign and launch this petition in the wake of the unfolding Ukrainian crisis, we are calling on the government to go further and faster to ensure help is delivered.

  • To find out more about our Refugees Welcome campaign, click here.
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