Picture: jackscoldsweat
Picture: jackscoldsweat
Picture: jackscoldsweat

We need to talk about how much pressure people get placed under when it comes to opening Christmas presents.

Your gift-givers eyes on you, waiting patiently but eagerly, scanning every square inch of your face for some semblance of a natural reaction to the gift.

But you can't hide your natural reaction though, can you? You know that this person opposite you, their gaze following your fingers as you tare at the wrapping paper, put thought and effort into giving you this gift, and you're only going to be able to muster bitter disappointment or pleasant surprise.

And neither of those are the kind of reactions your gift-giver wants to see. Basically, what we're saying is that everyone should open their Christmas presents in a darkened room, alone, out of sight of any other living being.

Anyway, you don't have to actually keep any unwanted Christmas presents - unless it's some horrific shirt your nan is going to expect to see you wear at some kind of family occasion. Here are some ideas as to what you could do instead.

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