Brits left ‘confused and scared’ after seeing US woman attempt to make tea

<p>TikToker @happygoliving attempting to brew tea and boil the water at the same time</p>

TikToker @happygoliving attempting to brew tea and boil the water at the same time


An American women has left British tea-lovers baffled, and even horrified, after revealing how she makes a cuppa.

TikTok user @happygoliving posted a video of her using an electric kettle but asked followers if they could notice a serious issue with the appliance.

She begins the clip: “I have this amazing electric kettle. As you can see it’s filled up to the waterline, but it has a major flaw when I’m making my tea. Let me see if you can notice the major flaw that it has.”

As it boils, the water swirls around and begins to rise. Eventually it overflows, shooting out of the kettle and into the sink.

This prompts the woman to ask: “So, why would they make it like this? What is the purpose?

“Yeah, you better turn yourself off. Water everywhere.”

You can watch the video, which has racked up more than 4.1 million views, here.

Of course, the real “major flaw” in her tea-making process had nothing to do with technology.

It was the fact that she brewed the tea in the kettle while boiling it – a traumatising sight for Britons, many of whom pointed this out to her.

One person wrote: “Americans get a kettle and this is what they do.”

“WHY DID YOU PUT TEA IN THE KETTLE?,” another asked.

Someone else added: It’s only meant to boil water not tea, then you put the tea in the mug or cup.”

“The Brit in me is severely confused and kinda scared... are... Americans okay...?” A fourth person questioned.

It appears the TikToker heard their advice loud and clear as, in a follow-up clip, she showed herself boiling the kettle with nothing but water in it.

You can watch the video in full here.

After listening to feedback, the TikToker boiled the tea-free water in another attempt to make the perfect cuppaTikTok/happygoliving

She said: “Everybody said to boil the water without the tea thing in it. But why do they give you this tea thing?”

“What is the purpose of the tea thing?”

But she trusted her viewers opinions, and boiled just the water which worked perfectly, unsurprisingly.

The TikTok tea police come to the rescue once again.

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