Viral TikTok of vegan activists pouring fake blood all over KFC sparks fierce debate

Viral TikTok of vegan activists pouring fake blood all over KFC sparks fierce debate

A TikTok of vegan activists storming a KFC and pouring red paint over the floor has gone viral. They captioned the post: “People who more freaked out with a mess on the floor but are still happy to pay for animal abuse....”

The protest was posted by @thevganbooty on TikTok and showed vegan protesters vandalising an Australian branch of the fast food restaurant.

A group of approximately six protestors entered the KFC restaurant. One woman, dressed in a white apron with fake blood spattered on it and black wellington boots, then began pouring red paint on the floor.

The back of her top displayed the words “Your ‘food’ fought for their life. That should leave a bad taste in your mouth”.

One person held up a monitor showing images of animals raised for the meat industry, while sounds of animals in distress played out on a speaker.

The woman pouring the paint is Tash Peterson – a frequent vegan protester in Australia.

She posted an image of the KFC protest on Instagram, writing in the caption: “The world’s longest and largest holocaust in history is happening right now in the meat, dairy and egg industries.”

The clip sparked a debate online as people were frustrated by the disregard for the workers who would have to clean up the mess.

It has been viewed 1.5 million times on TikTok and has been widely shared on social media.

On social media platform Reddit, one person wrote: “All they’re hurting are the minimum wage workers that have to clean it up.”

Another commented: “Does anyone get paid enough to deal with this s***.”

Another Redditor agreed, writing: “I would be very angry! Imagine you just working there, probably receiving some s*** wage and have to clean the mess that this lady thought was a great idea.”

Someone else wrote: “A large swoth of these people literally hold animal lives in higher regard than human and you expect them to give a f*** about workers?”

However, others have praised Peterson for her efforts, despite the inconvenience they cause.

On Instagram, one person wrote: “You are protesting to make the world into a better place. Yes maybe your methods can cause some inconvenience to some but it’s a drop in the ocean when compared to the harms we are doing to other sentient beings.”

Another said: “I cant wait to see the day when people thank you for all your work and sit in shock at how people used to behave!”

In a subsequent video, @thevganbooty showed a member of the protest party mopping the floor. Police officers can be seen present in the clip.

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