Vegan gets roasted on Twitter for criticising a woman who brought a child an ice cream

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Veganism is a great way to not only keep yourself fit and healthy, but also do a little bit to preserve the planet.

However, with all good and noble causes, there is always someone who takes it too far and some vegans can get offended by the smallest of things.

Earlier this year, for example, a vegan accused North Wales Police of posting an image of a cooked breakfast. Now another vegan may have just topped that for ridiculousness.

A self-proclaimed "spiritual but completely non-religious vegan" shared a series of screenshots of a conversation he had had with another vegan where he criticised a vegan woman for buying a non-vegan ice cream for a little girl she saw crying.

The tweet went viral and he was absconded online.

He has since attempted to defend himself in follow-up tweets.

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