Woman in tears after veneers 'ruined her life'

Woman in tears after veneers 'ruined her life'
I flew to Turkey to shell out $42,639 for veneers – here's …
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A woman has been left in tears after claiming her veneers have "ruined her life".

In a viral TikTok clip that's racked up almost 9 million views, Wiintrr (@wiintrr) explained how she had some cosmetic dental work done two years ago.

"I'm still dealing with it to this day," the visibly upset TikToker told the platform, adding that she had just finished seeing the fourth doctor leaving her "overwhelmed".

"The dental industry in America does not care about what you are going through," she claimed. "Everything is about money for them."

The TikTokker also suggested that she had paid out a staggering $80,000 (£62,800) in dental fees over the last 24 months, but has ended up with TMJ, which causes pain and stiffness around the jaw, ear and temple.

"I spent so much money with so many doctors, just praying something works for me," she added while in tears. "And nothing works, nothing ever works. I don’t know what to do anymore like I can’t even sue the freaking dentist."


DONT GET VENEERS. #smiledentalcenter32 in miami ruined my life!

She said they offered her money back which she refused as she wanted to spread awareness.

"My life is literally ruined because I had my teeth redone," she said, adding that she has "tried everything" from medication to acupuncture to "fix these issues."

The woman was soon flooded with over 30,000 comments sympathising with her situation.

"If a dentist never gets veneers I won't have them," one wrote, adding: "If an optometrist wears glasses I will never have Lasik."

Another person advised: "Don't get veneers unless u absolutely need them."

Meanwhile, a third asked: "They offered your money back? Can you take the refund and remove the veneers or get them redone? I’m so sorry!"

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